Prudhomme Dormitory

This work explores the relationship between Prudhomme dormitory and its residents. Stressed teenagers and a nearly dilapidated building lay the groundwork for tomfoolery and poor mental health. A new residence hall has been built, and Prudhomme will be soon demolished. This resulted in an unwillingness to repair the current dorm and to enforce the rules within. The students, including my past self, ran wild with minimal adult constraint. This dynamic allows us to observe a select group of teenagers react to stress, depression, and anxiety when no one is watching.

Colorado Trail Thru-Hike

In the Summers of 2020 and 2021, I hiked over 500 miles of the Colorado Rockies to complete my thru-hike of the colorado trail. With my trusty 35-mm Nikon FM-10 camera, and my iPhone 8 Plus which I dropped in a lake along the way, I documented my first thru-hiking experience which resulted in the trail name "String Cheese".

Natchitoches Central Swim Team

Looking at Natchitoches Central Swim Team, one gets a small glimpse at how institutions and individuals deal with adversity.

Muon the Cat

Please find below a multitude of pictures of my cat Muon.
She's named after the subatomic particle that sounds like the sound cats make :)


Here, I have a collection of photographs that I'm proud to display, but do not fall into any other category. Enjoy!